Who are you?  What is your core business? What do you stand for?  What's the story that you tell about your company - about the work that you do?


Are these messages currently reflected, in a congruent way, in your visual identity, your written materials and in your business processes and policies? 

Creativity  + Clarity  + Insight   
= Impact !

I take the time to understand how my clients want to be perceived by their clients; to discern what type of image, font, and tag might best reflect the personality of the company as well as its purpose.  Here are a few examples of my branding work, along with notes on my creative process.    

The client, a new start-up, boutique consultancy firm focused on helping small to medium-sized organizations in Canada and the EU, hired me to create a company name, tag line, content for the website as well as lead an on-line logo design contest. 


The logo reflects the origins of the first mode of trade between the two countries, namely the canoe, in an artistic and elegant manner.  The colors of the logo reference the colors in each country's flags.  The company name itself helps improve keyword search by using the abbreviations of the two countries. Transatlantic market navigators builds on the canoe theme while describing succinctly, the core nature of the firm's offering.





I conducted focus groups, surveys and personal study in order to rebrand, write web content, and design a logo for a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  The logo symbolizes her treatment philosophy of balance, harmony and movement.  There is a dynamic balance of yin and yang, with a focus of change from the inside out with a visual reference to her work with herbs.






I was contracted by the Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development (CEED) to obtain buy-in and to plan for this student-oriented, province-wide event.  The logo references CEED’s four cornered logo, while referencing the five colors of the Olympic rings.  In this way, CEED’s branding is integral to the event's branding, as the organization was hoping that the Entrepreneurship Olympics would be one of their annual signature events.